Yichuan Wang 王一川

TCS Researcher

Email: yichuan-21@mails.tsinghua.edu.cn

About Me

Photo by Lijie Chen.

I am Yichuan Wang, a third-year undergraduate student from Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences, Tsinghua University. My research interest lies broadly in Theoretical Computer Science (TCS)When I talk about TCS, I usually refer to Computational Complexity Theory..

In Beijing, I was advised by Yilei Chen and Kuan Cheng. In Spring 2024, I am visiting UC Berkeley under the supervision of Lijie Chen and Avishay Tal.

I studied Mathematical Olympiad during high school and won the gold medal with the unique perfect score in the 62nd International Mathematical Olympiad (2021).

Research Interests

In Theoretical Computer Science (TCS), people study the powers and limits of theoretical computation models. Our ultimate goal is to understand the essence of computation, especially the essence of computational intractability, where our understanding remains limited. I am looking forward to seeing that after 50 (or 100) years, humans will have proved \(\mathsf{P}\neq\mathsf{PSPACE}\) (or even the existence of OWF) and also developed a good intuition on where the computational intractability comes from, which may reshape human's understanding of our universe.

I appreciate the works in the last century that formalized concepts like "computation" and "algorithm". I am also impressed by the recent paradigm of studying the connections between the power of a computational model and the hardness of its meta-computational problems, as exemplified by works such as [Wil10] and [CIKK16].

I have previously published works on space-bounded derandomization and streaming lower bounds.